Big firm quality. Small firm values.
With over 25 years legal experience, we’ve seen it all before.
Luckily we still have a sense of humour.
A Fresh Approach
We value a relationship of trust and confidence with our clients.
That's why fair dealing is so important to us.
We care about what we do and who we do it for
We focus more on our clients, than our budgets


We don’t want you to dread talking to us. We want all clients to feel they have been listened to, that we have given their legal matters the prompt and careful attention they deserve and that they have been kept well informed.

Client Focus

We won’t ignore you or treat you as just another cog in the wheel. Clients justifiably get frustrated when they can’t get hold of their lawyer. So if we are not available when you call, we promise to get back to you as quickly as possible.

Integrity In All We Do

We care about your time. We know work can keep you busy and if you’re unable to make it to our office during normal office hours, we’re happy to meet with you after-hours.

Call us today for professional, experienced and practical advice with a smile.

What we do
What we do

With over 25 years experience we provide a wide range of legal services, including property, business, trusts, estates…

Our Prices
Our Prices

We think you’ll agree that we charge a fair fee for our work. Click the button below to see our list of charges.

Our people
Our people

Andrew Smith, the principal of Atticus Legal, is a highly skilled and experienced lawyer, supported by a great team …