Pricing Information

We know visitors to law firm websites often want to get an idea of prices (notably absent from most firm’s websites).  So here are our prices for a selected group of transactions.  We cannot give ‘standard’ fee estimates for all our work, because the circumstances and the legal work required are so wide-ranging.  If you want a fee estimate on a matter not dealt with below, just give us a call.

Price List for Residential Property Transactions

Please note: Our prices below are estimates based on a straightforward transaction with no unforeseen complications and subject to the assumptions set out below.

Disbursements’ are out-of-pocket expenses we incur on your behalf (eg. Land Registry title search and registration fees) as well as office expenses such as tolls and postage. Please note – because Lim application fees are expensive we can not order a Lim for you unless you first put us in funds for the application fee.

Sale (one mortgage to discharge)
Our Price $950.00
GST $142.50
Disbursements $159.50
Total $1,240.00
Purchase (with one mortgage)
Our Price $950.00
GST $142.50
Disbursements $273.00
Total $1,365.50
Mortgage Refinance (one new mortgage and one mortgage to discharge)
Our Price $750.00
Plus GST $112.50
Disbursements $255.50
Total $1,095.00

Assumptions: The above cost estimates are based on the absence of any of the following. Each of the below circumstances adds to the time required of us to carry out additional tasks. If any of these apply, we will on request provide an estimate of our additional fee:

  • Preparing the contract (usually done by the estate agent)
  • LIM report (obtaining and/or advising on)
  • Non-bank lending
  • Kiwisaver first home withdrawal &/or Homestart grant application
  • Contracts by way of ‘land and building package’
  • Sale, purchase or refinance involving a company or family trust
  • Bank guarantee or additional security or inter-family loan or gift
  • Unit title, cross lease or other complex title issues

Price List For Wills & Enduring Powers Of Attorney

Simple Standard Will (per Person)
Our Price $250.00
GST $37.50
Disbursements $34.50
Total $322.00
Enduring Powers Of Attorney (epoas)
Our Price $500.00
GST $75.00
Disbursements $34.50
Total $609.50

Note: A ‘simple standard Will’ is one where you appoint executors, gift your whole estate to your spouse/partner (without any specific gifts), with a ‘gift over’ to your children in equal shares if your spouse/partner does not survive you. On request we can provide a fee estimate for a more detailed Will.

Note: There are two types of enduring powers of attorney – one relating to property and the other relating to personal care and welfare. The above fee estimate is for completing both.

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